Monday, October 8, 2012

Time at the Lake in New Hampshire

These are waters of Lake Winnipesaukee. They are gorgeous no matter what time of the year. But no swimming this past time. A little too chilly for the old man.

A Day in New York City

New York City. We love the city; but some in our family don't, but what the heck… It was great being with so many of them. Since we live all over the country any time is a good time to get together. Plus it's fun to ride the subways. We never do that in Utah.


September 2012

Sandwich, New Hampshire

The Sandwich Creamery has got to be the best ice cream ever. For real! And I know my ice cream, too. It is more than worth your time and effort to trek into this very out of the way creamery. Delicious flavors! The ginger ice cream is a must have. Plus it’s the only store in the world I know that operates on the honor system. For real! All items are clearly marked and you just deposit your money, cash only, into the cash slot. No one is they to help you, serve you or take your money. God Bless this business!!

The town or as I call it, the village of Sandwich, is a unique throw back to a different era. They have a great eatery on Main Street which reminded us of the eateries alone the Rheingau region of Germany. Why? It just did. It amazes me that settlers came to this town in the 1700’s and today it’s still so rural.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Simply - Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon - Utah

Just 5 hours south of Ogden off of Hwy 89. We love place. The majestic splendor of the West is felt in Bryce Canyon. The unique colors, textures and natural sculptures from the water and wind make for hours of hiking pleasure.

LDS –Lions

Grand Canyon North Rim

What a wondrous world of spender the North Rim is, wish I had more time to hike around.